Rowden Martin Amanda 2014

Amanda Rowden Martin

Leader 2nd Violins

Amanda started out on an academic career with a B.Mus. Honours degree, followed by a research scholarship to study Baroque music in Italy. She was offered a place to study for a PhD, but decided instead to pursue a performing career, continuing her research through her ensembles. With Grynwode, an Elizabethan trio, Amanda played rebecs and viols and sang. The group travelled to Australia and Spain and made several TV and radio appearances. She was a founder member of Tafelmusik, a Baroque ensemble which she directed from the harpsichord. She travelled throughout Europe and to the Far East, USA and South America with Duo d’Amore in which she played violin and piano.

As an orchestral violinist, Amanda has led several orchestras, including BPCO, English Pro Musica, the Midlands Festival Orchestra, South Yorkshire Symphony Orchstra and the National Concert Orchestra of Great Britain. She plays principal 2nd violin in many other orchestras including the National Festival Orchestra and plays for operas, operettas (including the International Gilbert & Sullivan Festival for many years), shows and in several string quartets.

Amanda is delighted to have been a member of BPCO from the very start.