Peter And The Wolf & Other Orchestral Family Classics

Favourite Music for Children and all the Family

Learn how the orchestra works in this fabulous concert


Peter And The Wolf (PROKOVIEV)

Also featuring

Dr Who, The Simpsons, Blue Peter, James Bond, Mary Poppins, Thunderbirds, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, Carnival of the Animals, Teddybears Picnic and many more

The British Philharmonic Concert Orchestra

Peter and the Wolf Narrated and presented by Mark Langley or David Owen Lewis
Instrumental Magician Billy Bedlam

A splendid evening for children and all the family to learn with fun the secrets of how the orchestra works. The delightful Peter and The Wolf guides you through the instruments, how they sound, and the family’s they play with to create the large and rich sound of the full orchestra.